NodecopterLX 2013

In October, the first Portuguese Nodecopter event was held in Lisbon. Nodecopter is a hackathon that enables the participants to control real quadrocopters using a programming language. These events started in October 2012, and have since then spread to many different countries. Since there was a big Javascript conference coming up, LXJS, we decided to bootstrap NodecopterLX by inviting their participants.

We had around 35 participants in a total of 11 teams. Luckily, no quadrocopter was harmed and everyone had a blast! There were many demos by the end of the day, and, more importantly, our participants had the chance to learn how to program some cool robots. I’ll leave you with some photos (but you can check all of them over at our Google+ page):





PS: I’d like to thank our awesome sponsor Flipside, our partners Inspiring, IST, ISCTE-IUL and Instituto de Telecomunicações, Andrew Nesbitt and Gilles Ruppert for being awesome and bringing some extra AR.Drones, and the rest of the team: Daniel Gomes, David Dias, João Jerónimo, Joaquim Serafim, Pedro Dias, Samuel Gordalina and Tiago Carlos. Make sure you follow our Twitter account @nodecopterlx to know when we are preparing the next event 🙂