Our video “A Sea of Robots” is nominated for “Best Robot Video” Award at AAAI 2016!

Our video “A Sea of Robots” is nominated for “Best Robot Video”Award at AAAI 2016. We are also nominated for “People’s Choice Award”, which is given out based on the number of “likes” on the YouTube video. So if you want to help us out, check out our video below and give us a thumbs up!

Update: We won!

Fixing SSHFS in Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11)

If you are like me and use SSHFS everyday, you’ve recently noticed that it stopped working on OS X El Capitan. The problem is that fuse4x is no longer supported, and does not work in this new version. The solution is to get rid of fuse4x and install OSXFUSE with its own version of SSHFS. Another issue is that macports also stops working with the update, so we have to fix macports before we can get rid of the old fuse4x and SSHFS ports. If you doing a clean install on El Capitan, just skip to step 3. If you’re updating from Yosemite or earlier, start here:

Step 1: Make macports work again:

xcode-select --install
xcodebuild -license

Follow Chris Knight’s instructions for reinstalling macports on El Capitan:


Step 2: Uninstall sshfs and fuse4x from macports:

sudo port uninstall sshfs
sudo port uninstall fuse4x

Step 3: Install OSXFuse and SSHFS:

Just go over to http://osxfuse.github.io/ and grab both packages It might be necessary to reboot to make SSHFS start working.

You’re done!

Autonomous Drone Experiments — Navigation and Patrolling

We’ve been really really busy making progress on our drone swarm project, which leaves me little time to update my blog. The good news is that we already have conducted successful tests with autonomous behaviors with 1 and 3 drones. Here’s a recent video that shows 1 prototype drone autonomously executing navigation and patrolling tasks. During the next couple of months we will be conducting experiments with up to 10 drones if all goes well 🙂

2014 in review

Another great is coming to an end. A lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun! Here’s a highlight reel for posterity.

Made good progress on our current research project and published 5 conference papers, as well as my first journal paper.


Gave a talk on Codebits’ main stage for over 100 people and reached 5th place in the projects competition.


Co-organized FISTA 14, the annual Forum of  IUL School of Technologies and Architecture. The event had more than 200 attendees, with a dozen invited tech companies for two days of talks and workshops.

Gave two robotics workshops to 30 high school students. It’s always awesome to see the excitement in their faces! Also disseminated LaTeX in two workshops organized by our IEEE Student Branch.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel quite a lot this year, one of my favorite things to do.


Toured the Lac Léman in Switzerland.


Visited the Sahara in Tunisia.


Re-visited New York and attended ALIFE 2014.


Met many great IEEE volunteers at the Students and Young Professionals Congress in Krakow, Poland.


Relaxed in Matalascañas, Spain.


Was blown away by beautiful Croatia and met a vibrant community of researchers at Breaking the Surface.


Had a proper Bavarian meal at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich.


I also met my goal of reading  2 books a month this year. Interestingly, I’m moving away from audiobooks and reading more and more physical books.

I think this sums it up. Let’s see what next year has in store!